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Cleveland County Partnership for Children is a Tri-Share Hub implementing Tri-Share in Cleveland, Gaston, Henderson, Lincoln, and Rutherford Counties. Through this innovative new approach, child care expenses are shared equally by the employer, the employee, and the State to assist qualifying employees with child care costs.

How can participating in Tri-Share benefit your Business? 

- Tri-Share helps with employee recruitment.

- Tri-Share helps with employee retention.

- Tri-Share enhances the benefits offered to your employees.


To qualify, employees must have a household income between 185%-300% of the Federal Poverty Level and be otherwise ineligible for other subsidized child care. Levels are calculated each year. 


Tri-Share is being developed now. Submit the contact form below to learn more and express your interest early and be one step closer to providing your employees Tri-Share benefits this summer!

Let’s Work Together 

To Recruit, Retain, and Support Your Employees for a Thriving Business

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